Sanelle Agency is a small company with big ambitions founded in 2015. We are two sisters, Helle and Sanne Reerslev, from the former family-owned shoe shop Scarpa in Copenhagen (1986-2015). Both of us are brought up in the Italian shoe environment and have about 30 years of experience in the shoe industry and retail business.

The DNA of Sanelle Agency can be traced back to our period of Scarpa shoes. We want to offer original quality footwear and clothing in limited quantities. We are unbound by convention, driven by innovation and have passion for handmade Italian shoes and clothing.

The suppliers we represent are carefully selected family-owned factories with a long and proud tradition of producing handmade footwear and clothing of the highest quality. All the shoes and clothes have a ‘100% handcrafted in Italy’- certificate and are produced in small workshops with craftsmen, artists, workers and designers.

The design and production of the shoes takes place in the Marche region, the heart of the best shoe craftsmanship in the world. Most of the shoes are made of vegetable dyed and tanned leather and the various components are sewn by hand.

The clothes are designed and produced in all aspects of the company in the Veneto region, with a hugh effort, research ans dedication behind the production.

A sensibility often lost in todays fast fashion consumerism and industrialized mass market mentality.

A path completely handcrafted, a process of pure experimentation, with a goal of perfection in the end.